Casettiforging srl is a dynamic and developing company, leader in the supplying of hot forged and cold forged steel parts, both row or machined.

Born in 1996, it is placed in FORNO CANAVESE, in Piedmont, within an highly specialized in steel forging and mechanical precision machining industrial area.

G.S.A. srl furnishes basic equipment or original spare parts of small and medium dimensions and weight, intended for:

*   automotive

*   industrial vehicles industry

*   oil systems industry (fittings of different dimensions)

*   components for different uses (fond bottoms, bushes, gears, shafts)



Row part plans and forms are designed around the machined component to realize, in order to limit problems for the final product and, in the most complicated cases, studying the best solution in co-design with the customer. External certificated suppliers assure the quality of the most suitable thermical or superficial treatment, obtaining the most efficacious machining and the reliability for the assembling.

Our objective is to reach the complete satisfaction of the customer with the best quality of our work and of prices competitiveness.